Our DJs spin on real turntables live mixing during your event. We put thought and care into making sure we play the right genre of music, at the right volume and sound balance for the vibe you want to create: whether you want people to be able to talk over the music or dance the night away.

Lorin Oliver

resident dj

Hometown: Houston, TX
Background: 5 years experience, Deckademics DJ School Graduate 
Favorite genres: House Music, Top 40
Why do you like to DJ? DJing allows for perpetual creativity while simultaneously bring people today to enjoy good music.
Causes passionate about: Wealth Distribution and Achievement Gaps

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Hometown: Dallas, TX
Background: 4 years experience, Deckademics DJ School Graduate
Favorite genres: Electropop, Indie Alternative, Top
Why do you like to DJ? DJs can energize any space by weaving together classic and fresh sounds in a live setting.
Causes passionate about: Women's Empowerment and Arts Education